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Novi locksmith

Novi locksmith

We are a full service locksmith service providing a host of services that ensure that you and your family, employees and possessions are safe at all times. And all that at competitive prices and provided by professionals. Our team of expert locksmiths will guide you in the right direction and ensure that you are made aware of the installations and repairs that are conducted. To ensure that you have help when you need it, we’ll arrive promptly and assist you in the locksmith requirements.

Best Novi locksmith service at affordable prices

When it is about your security, just get the best service. At our service, we have professionals that have been working for years in the locksmith industry. Many people don’t think about hiring a locksmith until they get stuck in a situation where there is no choice. Some of these situations include losing keys or being locked out of you car or home. But when you are in such a situation, do you think you will have access to a phone directory? And that is why it is important to keep the phone number of a reliable local locksmith like us.

Not only is such a situation extremely unsafe and it is best to call in the specialists instead of trying to figure out how to break locks and let yourself in. Of course, if you a break a lock, you’ll again have to call in the locksmiths which can take time and money to install a new one. To ensure that there is never a time when you are left on your known to figure out how to get into your own home or spend precious minutes trying to look up lost keys, we work 24/7. Now isn’t that convenient?

24/7 residential, commercial and auto locksmiths

Whenever you lose your keys or need a spare key made, you can just give us a call and we will be there within 15 minutes. Yes, that is the service time. Needlessly, it is bets to shop for the best price if you need one but consider us as your business because we give you quick and effective service, affordable competitive prices and a host of locksmiths that have the right experience and license to work at your home, business and vehicles. Some of the services that we offer our patrons and customers include:

  • Installation of vaults and safe
  • New lock installation/repair and replacements
  • Mailbox, desk and cabinet locks
  • Patio, window and door locks
  • Key duplication for motorcycles, cars and SUV
  • CCTV system installation
  • Opening car trunk
  • Opening jammed doors, windows and mailboxes
  • Panic bars, buzzers and intercom
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Licensed, insured and bonded professionals

We provide the widest range of services and have the techniques mastered to work on vintage, standard and high security locks. Most importantly, not only do we install locks but we repair and replace them too, so whether you have a rusted lock that needs replacement or new locks that need to be installed, when you have a need for a locksmith, don’t forget to call us because we are the most cost effective locksmiths in town.

If you have a custom requirement, we can work accordingly. We have a professional procedure. Our locksmith will do a quick assessment of your requirement and then help you understand the best solutions. Based on your feedback and choice, provide a written estimate. We do not have hidden charges so you can be sure of the total bill totally to approximately as provided. If you agree, we’ll get the work done within a day or two.

  • We are a small mobile local locksmith
  • We are based right here at Novi Michigan, family owned and operated.
  • We are mobile as mentioned yet local since we cover only 20 miles radios from Novi Michigan we we are based out of.